ECO Friendly Materials

Here at G3D we have made a promise to make the world grow through the use of 3D printing technology, that is why we have chosen to create our ECO Friendly Materials Line!

Check out our Renewable, Recycled, Really Interesting materials below


That's right coffee lovers, we can make your wildest caffein needs come true, and make it out of the waste made from your favorite drink! Click below to see what we have made out of coffee byproduct!


No need for an ID to buy this type of beer product, it's not actually drinkable or intoxicating, yet utilizes the leftovers from the brewing process! Click below to see what we have made out of beer byproduct! 


Yes, we can make anything on our site out of trash, how many "Eco Friendly" websites can say that?! Click below to see how we are recycling and reusing what would normally get dumped in a landfill or ocean!


"No way dude, you made that outa hemp?" Ok, jokes aside, we can make anything on our site out of the natural and renewable resources of a plant named Hemp. Click below to see what we have made!